DURAFRAME Magnetic Frames

We live in a world full of ever-changing information that needs frequent updating. Custom-made signboards and signage are inflexible, costly and cannot be mounted without supporting materials. Variable, low cost, makeshift solutions, such as punched pockets fastened with tape, look unprofessional and often do not stay safely in place. DURAFRAME® combines fast, simple information replacement with flexible use – without supporting materials. Five different styles – DURAFRAME®, DURAFRAME® GRIP (for use on textile surfaces), DURAFRAME® SECURITY (to display all types of safety and warning information), DURAFRAME® MAGNETIC and DURAFRAME® MAGNETIC SECURITY – ensure that any and all signage requirements can be met. Even with its low costs, DURAFRAME® guarantees a professional look.

Banks • Education • Events • Exhibits • Hospitals • Hotels • Manufacturing • Offices • Reception Areas • Restaurants • Showrooms • Travel Agencies • Warehouses

General Applications:
Charts • Floor Plans • Hours of Operation • Information • Menus • Schedules • “Specials” • Telephone Directories • Window Displays

Danger and Safety Markings • Emergency Information • Evacuation Routes • Fire Extinguishers • Rescue Routes

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